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Jamaica HousingDefinitions of the term "Housing" include "living accommodations" and "dwellings provided for people". JamaicaHousing.com covers a variety of topics relating to living accommodations in Jamaica, including real estate property matters, such as homes, condominiums and villas for sale, Jamaica real estate agents, rental properties in Jamaica, including beach homes, apartments and villas for rent, and Jamaica hotels and resorts.

There are a variety of alternatives available to persons seeking housing in Jamaica, whether your stay is short or long-term, whether you are traveling to Jamaica for vacation or for business or are a current resident seeking another residence or are looking for an investment property. In the event you are looking to rent, there are a wide range of rental properties to choose from such as guesthouses, condominiums, apartments, villas, beach homes, cottages and townhouses. In the event you are considering buying a property, there are numerous properties for sale in Jamaica that would serve as nice permanent residences, vacation getaways or investment properties as well. The Real Estate Board of Jamaica regulates and controls the practice of real estate business in Jamaica. Its primary objective is to put in place systems that promote acceptable standards of professional and ethical conduct in the business of real estate and land development in the country in order to protect the mutual interests of persons involved in such transactions. The Real Estate Board advises those buying a home in Jamaica to, among other things, ensure that the real estate dealer or salesman is licensed by the Board to do real estate business. When buying a home in Jamaica, another important thing to keep in mind is that approximately 55 percent of land in Jamaica remains unregistered, so one should always check with the Island Records Office, to ascertain whether a common-law title for your land has been recorded there.

For those purchasing a home in Jamaica, many financing opportunities are available. There are various loan options with differing interest rates and repayment terms.

Persons thinking about renting a property should be aware that most rental properties are designed for vacationers who intend to stay in Jamaica for longer than one week. During the Christmas holiday season, many rental properties are only available for periods of 10 days or more.

JamaicaHousing.com is dedicated to topics related to or connected with housing in Jamaica, whether your stay or visit is for vacation, business or other reasons or for a short or long duration. The site contains useful information pertaining to Jamaica real estate, Jamaica homes and condominiums for sale; Jamaica beach house, villa, apartment and cottage rentals; Jamaica hotels and resorts; Jamaica travel; Jamaica vacations; Jamaica tours and related topics.

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